DRP - Dual Axis Digital Caster/Camber Gauge - No adapter
Part #: 31496500


DRP Performance Dual Axis Dynamic Caster/Camber Gauge

This new digital gauge from DRP Performance reads both caster and camber simultaneously when the chassis or suspension is in motion. Unique dual axis sensors measure the caster as it changes during suspension travel and simultaneously measures camber angle without any input from the user. Both measurements are displayed on the easy to read, back lit LCD display. The gauge mounts directly to the spindle thread and is available for most applications.

Benefits include time savings and an increase in accuracy due to both measurements being taken at once. Caster is obtained dynamically by measuring the rotation of the spindle during suspension movement. No sweeping of the wheel required. Simply set the static caster angle on the gauge and then motion the suspension. Caster and camber display automatically. Note: This gauge is not designed to measure static caster, only dynamic caster change.

Long lasting, rechargeable, lithium ion battery installed. Charger included. Gauge does not include adapter. Order required spindle adapter separately. Most standard caster/camber gauge adapters (Longace, Intercomp, etc.) will work on this gauge.


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Longacre 78405 - Wide 5 Adapter

Longacre 78445 - Legend Car adapter (19mm x 1.5)

Longacre 78410 - GM (3/4" -20)

Longacre 78438 - Fine Kart Adapter (5/8"-18)

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