CRD 2010 - Race Car Technology - Level One Book
Part #: 305CRD2010


This book explains and defines the chassis systems associated with a race car. These systems are unique to true race cars while being common, in many cases, between different classes and forms of racing. The information is carefully presented so that anyone can understand it.

The book will teach you about the systems professionals use to build and setup their cars to win races and championships. Even if you have never raced or will race, the information presented here will teach you how those who do race accomplish their success. For those who are currently racing, or will be a part of a race team, Level One will help you understand the systems of a race car better than ever before and help you reach your goal of winning races.

The book is useful for anyone who is either already involved with racing or anyone who is interested to know more about how race cars are constructed and setup. If you have any interest in motorsports, desire to one day be a part of a race car team, or are now working with a team in some capacity, this book is necessary and beneficial.


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