HD Titan TR4X - Digital Two Way Radio
Part #: 250TR4X


The TR4X uses Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) technology to offer the clearest audio quality and greatest range. It's designed to be simple and easy to use. No complicated display or useless buttons. Plus, the TR4X uses less power in digital mode than analog, so batteries last significantly longer on a single charge. Titan keeps your workforce connected.

• Digital DMR Technology
• Analog Mode Capable*
• 32 Channels / 2 Zones
• Priority Scan
• UHF 400-470 MHz
• Narrowband Compliant
• Heavy Duty Design
• Lightweight: 7.9 oz
• Heavy Duty Design
• Rugged and Durable
• Lightweight
• 4 Watts of Adjustable Power
• End User Programmable
• 2 Programmable Buttons
• Repeater Capable
• 2 Year Standard Warranty

Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) offers improved sound, battery life, security and channel efficiency compared to analog radios. TR4X can also communicate with other brands using the DMR standard.

Still using analog radios? The TR4X comes with analog mode, allowing you to transition toward digital communications without having to retire your old analog system.*

The TR4X features 32 UHF channels in 2 zones for congestion-free communications.

Noisy environments require a clear communication solution. The TR4X uses Forward Error Correction (FEC), a digital technology that can extend the usable talk range while improving sound quality.

From there, the TR4X uses VCODER™ background noise cancellation and Voice Enunciation technology to further improve audio intelligibility.

Combined, these features can significantly improve radio performance in any situation, including high-noise environments.

Digital enhancement allows the TR4X to provide better clarity even at the limits of coverage. With 4 watts of adjustable power, the TR4X has an outdoor range of 5 miles and an indoor range of 400,000 square feet under typical conditions. It's effective within 1-15 story buildings.


HD - Replacement Belt Clip for TR4X Radio

HD - Replacement Battery for TR4X Radio

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