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Mr. Gasket 179 - Cork Valve Cover Gaskets - 55-86 SBC
Part #: 240179


Mr. Gasket Performance Valve Cover Gaskets are high-density cork/rubber blend gaskets that use evenly sized cork particles distributed evenly throughout the rubber binder. The result is a compressible valve cover gasket without leak paths. These gaskets create a positive seal by controlled swelling of the gasket material when exposed to hot engine oil. Provides excellent flange sealing and durability. For original equipment replacement, high performance street, drag race and oval track use.

These gaskets are .312 inch thick. That's substantially thicker than stock which can allow for additional valve train clearance.

Fits Chevrolet 262,265,267,283,307,327,350,400 Gen I Small Block with Perimeter Bolt Valve Covers.

Provides Excellent Flange Sealing And Durability
For High-Performance Street, Drag Race & Oval Track Use
Fits 1955-1986 Chevrolet 262-400 Gen I Small Block.
.312" Thick

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