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FAST Ignition 6000-6700 - HI-6RC Digital Ignition
Part #: 23060006700


• Digital Design
• Multi-Spark CD Ignition
• Urethane sealed from vibration/moisture
• Adjustable Rev Limiter to 9900 RPM
• 20 Degree start retard
• LED light for power and trigger signal
• Lightweight aluminum housing
• Weatherpak 6 pin connector

Crane Cams has again expanded its’ lineup of advanced state-of-the art race proven ignitions. The all new HI-6RC uses computer surface mount technology, in a fully digital design for greater reliability – just what Crane Cams Ignition is known for.The HI-6RC has a 6 pin weatherpak type harness plug for ease of installation, with a standard mag trigger input that can come from any type of magnetic trigger distributor.

The all new 20 degree start retard is built in so the HI-6RC assists the starter motor to fire the engine – especially when smaller flywheel and clutch packages are being used in the driveline. To protect your racing investment, the HI-6RC has shock mounts included to guard against vibration, and is fully potted with a new, soft urethane for heat, dirt, and moisture protection. Like all Crane Cams ignition boxes, the lightweight, anodized aluminum housing has cooling fins, providing more surface area to dissipate heat.

• APPROVED For These Sanctioning Bodies
• American Modified Series
• ARCA/CRA Super Series
• ARCA Midwest Tour
• Blizzard Series
• JEGS/CRA All Star Tour
• Snowball Derby
• Southern Super Series
• WISSOTA Racing Series


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