JOES 15950V2 - A-Arm Fixture Jig
Part #: 20815950V2


The JOES V2 A-Arm Fixture has been updated to allow you to create every single A-Arm shaft, ball joint and length combination that we create for our customers in our production facility. The overall start up cost has been lowered to a point where you can offset the cost of the fixture, in many cases, in less than a couple years of racing just within your own program AND you can make custom arms for other local races to speed that offset time span. The options of what you can make with this fixture are literally endless. It is CNC machined to exacting tolerances and all components are anodized for long life. Product comes with basic assembly instructions and is a production quality unit.

6.5″ to 13.0″ in length
Nine different JOES Cross shaft styles (Bearing, Bushing, Slotted, Metric, Aluminum, Steel etc)
Four different ball joint styles (Mono Ball, Screw In, Small Bolt in GM, Large Bolt in GM)
With cross shaft bolt spacing for 6″, 6⅞ and 7



Joes 15951 - A-Arm Fixture Adapter - Screw-In Ball Joint

Joes 15952 - A-Arm Fixture Adapter - Bolt-In Ball Joint

Joes 15952 - A-Arm Fixture Adapter - High Mis-Alignment Monoball

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