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Outerwears 11-2933-12 - Speed/Shaker Screen 19 x 28 for Late Model
Part #: 07211293312


This screen was developed by Outerwears for asphalt circle track racing in mine. Are you tired of your expensive radiator getting plugged up with rubber and oil dry. This screen mounts between your radiator and duct work. It just velcros right on. Makes very easy for cleaning. This technology is already being used and tested in the Nascar ranks with success. No more having to take the radiator out every so many races to clean.

Screen area is 17 x 24-7/8 (Fits a 19x28 C&R Radiator)
Special Material to allow airflow into the radiator while reflecting debris.
The debris bounces off and collects at the bottom of the airbox.


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