Speed Secrets SSCCK50 - Caster/Camber Kit for Metric Stock Mounts
Part #: 071SSCCK50


The Speed Secrets Caster Camber kit was designed for the metric framed G body type cars that use the factory upper control arm mount that is still located in the factory position.

The kit comes with cnc spacers for the right front that have a angle cut on one side of them that helps eliminate the binding problem when using the common flat washers / shims. The spacers also help pre-set your caster camber for you by simply bolting them on. Bolts, washers and locking nuts are in the kit for both front upper control arms but No spacers are in the kit for the left front.

They recommend bolting the left front upper control arm directly to the mount with no spacers, shims or washers. They recommend setting you toe out 1/8'' to 1/2'' out depending on track size

*Frame mounts and OEM control arms will need to be drilled using a 1/2" drill bit, if not done so already.

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