Uber3 - Brushless Blowers - 3"
The Über3 brushless blower in basic configuration provides 250-275 cfm free air flow or 220 cfm air flow installed in 3 feet total of flexible duct before and/or after the unit. Its 6.5 in.-H2O suction and 4.5 in.-H2O pressure
capabilities allow it to easily overcome flow restrictions that cause other blowers to lose as much as one third of their free flow capacity.

The Über3 is designed to fit inline in any 3 inch duct without the need for reducers. Its maximum outer diameter (at the ribs) is 3.25 inches and weighs only 10.2 ounces. An optional inlet horn (part number UB3012) is available to provide a method for mounting the blower in a panel, deck or air dam.

The Über3 has a soft start feature that eliminates power surges that would normally be caused by switching on any DC blower unit. Built in over-current protection automatically trips in the event that debris jams the blower and then the unit self resets after 5 seconds.

Power Requirements
• 9 to 15 VDC
• 15 Amps (max.)

• 3.25" x 5.75" Overall
• Fits 3" Duct
• 12" Lead Wire (2 pin automotive deutsch connector)
• 10.2 oz

Note: For brake cooling applications it is recommended to leave
blowers running for a few minutes after shutting the car down in
order to prevent hot air back flow from brake rotors from damaging
the blowers.


Part # Description Price
121UB30006 6 Amps, 250 CFM @ 13.8 volts $364.99 
121UB30007 7 Amps, 265 CFM @ 13.8 volts $364.99 
121UB30008 8 Amps, 275 CFM @ 13.8 volts $364.99 


Uber3 - Replacement Impeller

Uber3 - Panel Mount


SSF Race - Hose Adapter - Uber Blower to 1.25" Helmet Hose

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