Right Foot - Standard 0 Degree Drop Sway Bar Adjuster w/ .56 Drop Steel Side Plates
Indexing of the splines on the sway bar and arms in no longer critical because the adjuster compensates for spline alignment
Works with your existing splined sway bars and left side arms
Arms can be bent to fit the chassis

"0 Drop" Adjusters position the arm at the centerline of the adjuster providing additional ground clearance. This allows the sway bar to be mounted lower to run the arms straighter.


Part # Description Price
2542735HR 1-1/2" x 48 Spline Steel Arm - 0 Drop $257.49 
2542750HR 1-1/4" x 49 Spline Steel Arm - 0 Drop $257.49 


Right Foot 2742 - Replacement Jam Nut for Dentent Washer

Right Foot 2743 - Replacement Detent Screw

Right Foot 2744 - Adjuster Bolt

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