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Joes - Clamp-On Radiator Brackets
Clamp mounts bolt right on without welding! Top clamps unbolt quickly for easy radiator removal. Easily locates radiator side to side. Multiple mounting holes make quick work out of mounting your radiator. Adjustable billet slider clamps hold radiators of any thickness securely in place. Air box can be fastened to the brackets. The JOES mounting system is the way to mount your radiator. Fabricating a cobled up mess in your shop is eliminated with the JOES flexible radiator mounting system. Billet mounts, multiple mounting holes for easy adjustment, powder coated finish for good looks. Specify clamp size, 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 1-3/4" and 2" available.


Part # Size Price
20836501 1 1/4" $175.95 
20836502 1 1/2" $175.95 
20836504 1 3/4" $175.95 


JOES 36509 - Radiator Stop Bracket Red Block

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