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Wilwood - Polymatrix / Smartpad XL Superlite with Bridge Tube Brake Pads
“A” Compound:
Heat Range: Low to X-Highded Cold Torque: X-High Hot Torque: X-High Wear Rate: X-Low
• Immediate cold response with highest friction values at all temperatures
• Severe duty Use on oval tracks and road courses or other applications that require immediate high response at low temperatures
• Long wear rate for severe duty, sustained high temperature braking
• Compatible/with all iron, steel, and titanium rotors

“B” Compound:
Heat Range: Medium to X-High Cold Torque: Medium-High Hot Torque: High Wear Rate: Low
• Baseline pad for asphalt late models, modifieds, and sprints
• Severe duty, high temperature dirt track applications
• Intermediate duty road racing, autocross, and rally
• Easily bedded without abrasion on new iron or steel rotors
• Compatible with iron, steel, and titanium rotors

"E" Compound
• Very consistent positive driver's feel over full temperature range
• Baseline material for all dirt track application including super late models, modifieds, and rear inboard sprints using vented iron rotors
• Standard equipment in all steel rotor drag race brake kits
• Dual purpose street and track rally, auto-cross, and track ,day events

"BP40" Compound:
• Improved friction formula for heavy braking asphalt ovals, extreme braking on
dirt, and all types of off-road and road course applications
• Predictable & linear response with excellent modulation on iron & titanium rotors • Long wear rates with iron and steel rotors
• High torque on titanium rotors
• Very high heat fade resistance

“BP10" Compound:
• High performance street compound with improved friction, longer wear and
lower dust levels than standard replacement pads
• Beds quickly and provides fast response without high rotor abrasion
• Baseline pad compound for most disc conversion and upgrade kits
• Light to medium braking on dirt tracks including late models, modifieds, sportsman and street stocks


Part # Description Price
00615A5938K Superlite - Polymatrix A Compound $209.47 
00615B5939K Superlite - Polymatrix B Compound $183.14 
00615E6084K Superlite - Polymatrix E Compound $128.82 
00615012245K Superlite - Smartpad BP-40 Compound $179.39 
0061508854K Superlite - Smartpad BP-10 Compound $85.96 

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